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Device Setup

Wherecom Security Device Setup Guideline

1. Purchase a micro sim card from your preferred service provider;
2. RICA the purchased sim card;
3. Load airtime onto the purchased sim card;
4. Insert micro sim into watch;
5. Switch on the watch;
6. Download the Wherecom app from your app store (links available on our App page);
7. Register on app free of charge; and
8. Link device to app via phone (please use international dialling code when setting up e.g. +2772212479).

When linking family members:

1. New family member must download app and register on the app;
2. Admin account can then add the new family member via their email address in the app under: settings, family.

When adding contacts:

Contact does not require the app on their phone!!!

1. Admin to add new contact in the app under: settings, contacts. (Please use international dialling code e.g. +2772212479);
2. Link the new number to call button 1 or 2 and save (This syncs watch and number with each other)
3. Once the number has been synced to the watch you can change the speed dialing buttons from the app to whichever numbers you prefer.
4. This will need to be done every time you add a contact to ensure correct synchronization between phone and watch.