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Frequently Asked Questions

The device’s battery has gone flat and now the device won’t switch on.

Please charge the device for 30 minutes, thereafter please turn on the device and allow device to charge for 5 – 8 hours.

My number is unable to phone the device.

Please follow the following steps:
1.Please ensure that the new number has been added to the contact list following these steps
2.Admin to add new contact in the app under: settings, contacts. (Please use international dialling code e.g. +2772212479);
3.Link the new number to call button 1 or 2 and save (This syncs watch and number with each other)
4.Once the number has been synced to the watch you can change the speed dialing buttons from the app to whichever numbers you prefer.
5.This will need to be done every time you add a contact to ensure correct synchronization between phone and watch.
6.Should the problem persist please ensure that the devices SIM card is enabled for caller identification with your service provider.

The GPS is not accurate at all times

In terms of the accuracy, please note that for  battery life purposes the device is set on your phone as default on standard tracking mode (30 Min) which means that the device will only take a GPS reading every 30 minutes and LBS tracking or more commonly known as cellphone triangulation is used as primary tracking method. To change the tracking mode please select tracking in your main menu and select your desired setting.

Battery life on Full tracking mode is roughly 2 days whereas standard mode (30 Min) is a week.

Please also note that GPS signal more often than not is absent when indoors and thus the device will automatically use LBS tracking.
LBS tracking accuracy is within a radius of 300m to 1km whereas GPS is accurate to 5m.

The 4 number verification code is not showing?

Please first restart the watch. Then repeat the steps: “Add Device”, “Input mobile number”, send the SMS message, within a maximum of five minutes the four-digit code will appear on the screen. Note: make sure there is no PIN lock on the SIM card and the SIM card is correctly inserted in the watch.

I see a X marking GPRS, what does this mean?

This can mean different things. Your credit is too low or there is no/bad GPRS connection. Please check your provider for more info.

Can the volume of the watch be increased?

No, this is not possible.

When the watch receives a call, which button accepts the call?

You can accept the call by pressing one of the two call buttons on the side of the watch. By pressing the upper or the lower button you accept the call.

Is the watch waterproof?

The watch is waterproof to a certain point. You can walk outside with the watch while it’s raining but it’s not recommended to keep the watch on while taking a shower or while swimming.

What is the maximum followers a watch can have?


How many watches can I follow with my app?

20 watches

Who can track my watch?

Only the people you grant access can follow your watch. You can do this by sharing your follow QR code or by inviting others to follow you.

How many safezones can I create?

20 zones. With a minimum width of 200 meters and a maximum width of 2000 meters.

How far back can I see my location history?

2 months.

How long does the battery last?

This depends on how you use the device. By default use:
Tracking mode 60 min – about 3-4 days
Tracking mode 30 min – about 3 days
Tracking mode 10 min – about 2,5 days
Tracking mode (1 min) – about 1,5 days

Can the watch accept calls by it's self?

If the watch is calls, the person wearing it must press the call button to answer the call. But if the SOS button has been pressed before the call it will automatically answer the call within 5 minutes after the SOS button has been pressed.

Can I use the app on a Windows phone?

No, there is no windows phone version yet.

Which operating systems are supported?

Only iOS and Android smartphones are supported.

The devices is on but I don't see the new location data and I can't call the watch

Please check if you have enough credit and if the simcard is inserted correctly. Tip: you can test if the watch is still working correctly by pressing the location button on the “home” tab. If you get a timeout the device is not responding.

Please check if you have set the correct update speed.

The call button(s) don't work

Please check if you have assigned a phone number to one of the two call buttons. You can do so by pressing the number you want to add to a call button. Also please check if you have written the number in the correct way for example: 2731154789